Navigate the calculator by using the navigation buttons on the left-hand side of the screen.



To make a calculation, simply fill in the date fields as required on the screen and click on the Calculate button. Your answer will appear at the bottom of the screen. Length of service and age fields will also be automatically calculated at this point.

You can make as many calculations as you like by changing any of the details and clicking on Calculate again.


Date fields

The Actual Week of childbirth date field in the Maternity and Paternity sections of the calculator is used by the system to calculate Additional Maternity and Paternity Leave, if applicable. If you do not know the Actual Week of childbirth, leave the field blank and the system will calculate the dates from the Expected Week of Childbirth date field.


Most date fields contained within the system will default to the current date until you change the date.



When you have filled in your on screen details and clicked on Calculate, a second button labelled Print this page will appear. Simply click this button to print off the page, including your input details.