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  • Shared Parental Pay and Leave is in force in respect of employees whose child is born or adopted on or after 5 April 2015. Under this scheme, employees with a minimum of 26 weeks’ continuous service have the choice to end their maternity or adoption leave on a date they specify and share the untaken balance of that leave (as shared parental leave) with their partner. Parents may also share any maternity or adoption pay if leave is taken during the maternity or adoption pay period.

    Parents may take shared parental leave concurrently or at separate times. Eligible employees can switch from maternity or adoption leave to shared parental leave at any time. Both the employee and his or her partner have the right to take up to three separate periods of leave interspersed with periods of work up until the day before the anniversary of the child’s birth or adoption placement. This has replaced Additional Paternity Pay and Leave.

  • There are different rates and effective starting dates for the cap on a "week's pay" for the purpose of calculating Redundancy Pay and tribunal claims for Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In Northern Ireland the cap is £500 from 14 February 2016. In Great Britain the cap is £508 from 6 April 2018. The calculators use the rate and effective date for Great Britain.